Trent Safety Services

Service is in our name

When the concept for Trent Safety Services was initially created, the foundations of how we would serve our customers was devised even before we finished the full product and service List. It was always our intention to stick to guiding principles. Firstly, from my own experience of working in 

the service provision industry, I felt we really understood what our customers needed. Reliability, Knowledge, and a super efficient paper trail and back up service to follow. We immediately invested in our chosen service system to support this. Next, we knew that we needed a strong, qualified, well looked after team. It was important for me to know the technicians we were sending to you were invested in our vision and ready to support your business in compliance.

Your safety matters to us, and we need our customers to know that if you use Trent Safety Services, you are getting a Technician that carries out testing to every British Standard and Code of Practice, and when we are finished, you are going to get compliance paperwork immediately. These foundations will always form the basis of Trent Safety Services

Liam Reed

Managing Director


Our Standards

It's the minimum we expect

We at Trent, collectively agree on the minimum standards we expect from ourselves. Our team each sign the Trent Safety Services Charter. The charter states that these objectives will take precedent over any KPI. We will attend site in full uniform with Identification, Personal Protective Equipment and necessary qualifications. We will work safely and we will communicate Effectively within our teams and with our customers and we will ultimately provide the best possible service.

"Hang a fire Extinguisher and as if you are hanging it in your own home, and maintain the appliance as if it would be ready to protect your own family"


Paperwork and Aftercare

Speed is essential in making you compliant and dealing with query's

Once Trent Safety Services have completed your inspection, one benefit that really stands out is the speed in which we can provide that all important compliance paperwork. We construct full detailed reports on everything we do for our customers, all of which are available at the touch of a button on completion of your work, from the technicians device.  Its no secret that in our industry, the majority of customer complaints originate after the Technician has left. Chasing paperwork is time consuming and frustrating. Using Trent Safety Services will eliminate any need for chase up phone calls and emails. It's part of the foundations of our business and always will be.

Need a bespoke report? Just ask, we have the ability to look after your personal requirements

Have a query, or something you would like to discuss? Contact our office on 0115 9204401 or and our team will be on hand to support you. Our service departments primary priority is to make our customers feel welcome, looked after and to solve any query's that we encounter. The phrase service is in our name is not just a gimmick, its how we conduct business and how we have built a name and reputation.  

We look forward to welcoming you to Trent Safety Services.


Reporting Techniques


Asset Tagging Fire Extinguishers

This will change the way you manage your fire extinguishers. Trent safety services apply a QR code to all the appliances we service and complete detailed Data fields and here is what we can do

  • Using Virtual Reality, we can find extinguishers not serviced
  • Look up results from the last service in case of a damaged label
  • Provide very detailed service reports which will always match your invoice. We can only charge you for work you've had complete.
  • Using the QR code and your smart phone, you can scan an appliance, and see where it belongs by name and photo.
  • Log an appliance issue direct from the QR code and your smart phone


PAT Testing - Detailed Reporting and Barcode Scanning

For PAT testing to be completed in full to the IET Code of practice, we must provide you with an asset register of the appliances we have tested. For Trent safety services, we want to go one step further, we will bar code scan all of the appliances we test, and provide a very detailed report which will match your invoice exactly.

Its vital we get this information back to you a soon as possible, which is why we use Smart PAT testers which are capable of immediate and wireless data transfer, no more waiting for a technician to return to base.


Easy to follow Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments are a requirement by Law. This means carrying out an assessment to identify the fire hazards, the people at risk, removing the risks,  and preparing plans and training.

When Trent Safety Services support you with this, we make sure that the report you receive is easy to digest and actionable. Not only fulfilling your obligations but also helping you create a safe place to work

Our Chosen Charity for 2020

Tracey's Street Kitchen

In 2020 we decided to support Tracey's Street Kitchen. A completely non profit organisation, Tracey and a group of volunteers attend Nottingham City Centre every Friday evening, to provide hot nutritious meals to the homeless and vulnerable.  Its an amazing cause and one we hope to add support and value to. At Christmas 2019, we appealed for clothing, toiletries and sleeping blankets, we were overwhelmed with the response. In January 2020 we committed  to support Tracey further by donating 10 pence for every Fire Extinguisher we maintain and 5 pence for every PAT test Carried out. This will go towards the upkeep of her vehicle and equipment, food sources and peripherals needed. We have also sponsored the upcoming running event Chase the Tram in aid of Tracey's Street Kitchen, and look forward to joining in!